Jr. Wash & Chill

This machine can be used on almost any product.

Also Available in 75 Gallon Version.
The Jr. Wash & Chill Conveyor is designed to answer a wide range of product washing and chilling needs, providing you with a truly cost effective system. This Wash & Chill System will wash and chill virtually any produce.  The easy tip out conveyor make for easy cleaning. Available with blue mesh belting or blue/white PE flighted plastic belting.    Jr. Wash & Chill.pdf

 Swirl Wash & Chill

Equivalent to 35′ Flume

The Swirl Wash & Chill System will wash and chill a variety of different produce. .  The flow of water is fully controllable allowing adjustable dwell time for just the right wash. The discharge conveyor has a special belt for dewatering. Filters particles out 1/32″ and larger. Swirl Wash & Chill.pdf

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Hydrosieve Water Filtration System
  • Stainless Steel Water Circulation Pump
  • Complete with Stainless Steel Motor
  • Variable Speed Conveyor
  • Lifetime Lubricated Gearhead
  • FDA Approved Dewatering Mesh Belt
  • Stainless Steel and Special Under Water Bearings

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