Specializing in Design and Building of Fresh Cut Food Processing Equipment and machinery

TS Designs Inc. has a standard line of fresh cut food processing equipment or we can custom build equipment to meet your needs.

Custom Food Processing Equipment

Located in Burley, Idaho, TS Designs sells a wide array of commercial machinery for the fresh cut food industry. Customized construction is available for most of the fresh cut food processing equipment sold. We also have a standard line of equipment to meet your needs. Standard and custom systems for all applications. Let the equipment design and build firm take care of your entire fresh cut food processing needs. We can construct the right machinery and equipment for your operation. TS Designs can do your entire plant, providing everything from start to finish. 



Additional Services Available

In addition to selling food processing equipment, the firm also offers other services.  A wide variety blades for slicing, sticking, wedging, coring, dicing, grating, julienne, peeling or crinkle cut. We also have integrated abrasive waterjet cutting. Therefore better quality parts at a higher production rate. This means better quality and a cheaper price for the customer. Work with us to install the highest quality food processing equipment at your facility. Read the About page for more details on these services and the company itself.