Rotary Accumulation Table

The Rotary Accumulating Table is specially designed to ease the process of casing your product. Also, the heavy duty construction insures long life. As a result of the clean open design, it allows easy access for the best cleaning ability. Rotary Accumulation Table pdf.

    • Constructed from Stainless Steel to withstand the toughest environments.
    • 5″ Adjustable legs makes for easy leveling.
    • Such as custom made sides.
    • The motor is enclosed inside main housing thus protects it from the environment.
    • Bearings are lifetime lubricated composite.
  • The table operates at 6 rpm in either clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

Standard Tables 4′, 5′ & 6″ Tops

Pack Mix Tables

The Dual Pack Table is also specially designed to ease the process of packaging your product. There are several different designs available for customer’s to choose from. For instance, open pack horns, open ends or closed ends are available. Pack Mix Table pdf.

Stick Brick Baggers

 Stick Baggers pdf.

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