TS Designs Wash Systems

Applications for all types of products from receiving washers to processed. Fresh cut food processing equipment from TS Designs Inc.

 TS Designs has a wide array of wash systems for the food industry. Customized construction is also available.                         Click on a Wash System to Learn More.

Triple Wash

 Wash Systems

All Stainless Steel heavy duty wash down construction, SS pumps, motors and bearings.

We have washers to answer a wide range of product washing and chilling needs, being able to provide you with a truly cost-effective system.We have systems to wash and chill virtually any produce.

Available in addition to standard features; Nema 4x variable speed drives or Certified 508 UL master control panels, automated chemical injection and control systems, insulated jackets, refrigeration coil packs or heaters, quick remove stainless steel particle filters, canister filters, rotating spray bars, upper and lower stainless steel spray bar systems, blue or white belting, optional bug removal reels, and tilt out conveyors for easy access of cleaning. Be sure to call for more information.

Customized to meet all sizes and applications.

Contact TS Designs for more information on Wash Systems.  Wash Systems pdf.