Grade, Wash, Dry and Pack

The grade wash dry and pack line is designed to answer a wide range of product needs, providing you a truly cost-effective system. The flow of water is fully controllable for just the right wash. The wash / dry conveyor has a mesh dewatering belt for maximum air flow for the dual nozzle air knife. The air knife has adjustable height to allow for different products. Grade, Wash, Dry, Pack pdf.

  • Stainless Steel constructionGrade Wash Dry & Pack Line
  • Hydrosive water filtration system
  • Stainless steel water circulation pump
  • Complete with stainless steel motor
  • Variable speed conveyor drives
  • Lifetime lubricated gearhead
  • FDA approved dewatering mesh belt
  • Stainless Steel bearings

Filters particles out 1/32″ and larger

Grader Shakers

The Jr. Grader is specially designed as a part of the cut, wash, grade and dry line. With the screen inserts you can grade all types and cuts of product from slice, dice, wedge, whole product and more. Quick remove screen inserts available 1/8″ – 1-1/2″. Grader Shakers pdf

Leafy Grader Shaker

This grading machine will grade virtually all leafy products. The leafy product grade is designed to remove particles and sand from leafy vegetables.                          Leafy Grader Shaker pdf

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