About TS Designs Food Processing Equipment Firm

TS Designs Inc. of Burley, Idaho, has more than 100 years of combined experience in the food processing equipment industry. A wide range of equipment is available for sale, from individual pieces of machinery to complete plant lines. No matter what specific products you need, the firm has it available for you, as well as the experience necessary to ensure your satisfaction with the purchase.

All food processing equipment sold through the firm is built to make your business run faster and better, while achieving a high standard of quality on each machine’s design and construction. In addition, everything is priced fairly and competitively. Review the Products page for more information.

Other Services Available

The firm does much more than simply sell and ship food processing equipment. Small to large machinery essential to processing fruit, vegetable, and other goods. Custom building is also available for many products. The firm also assists in the following areas:

  • InstallationGrade Wash Dry & Pack Line
  • Plant Layout
  • Maintenance
  • Cost Savings Solutions Consultation
  • Repair and Service Consultation
  • Locating and Selling Spare Parts
  • Integrated Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

Your Feedback is Valued

The firm’s commitment to providing top-tier food processing equipment and customer service is unwavering and we’re always looking for suggestions on how to improve the products sold and services rendered.

Contact our food processing equipment firm in Burley, Idaho, to discuss your needs. We’re proud to assist facilities throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada.