Jr. Dryer

Jr. DryerHelp your product stay fresh and sanitary with a commercial food dryer from TS Designs Inc. in Burley, Idaho. The Jr. Dryer uses a special isolation system designed to absorb a large portion of the centrifugal shock load. This feature ensures a smoother operation and a long-bearing life. Whether your food processing facility is large or small, the Jr. Dryer offers the hard-working reliability you need to meet your orders.

We serve food processors throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada and remain dedicated to helping clients find the right equipment for your specific needs.

Designed for Production, Low Maintenance and Versatility

Carefully designed for optimum production, low maintenance, and versatility, the Jr. Dryer is an essential component of any food processing operation. All of its electronic components are UL, CUL, and CE approved.

Jr. Dryer

The Jr. Dryer, commercial food dryer unit, was originally designed as a component of a complete cut, wash, and dry system. By eliminating the transfer of products from one container to another, damage caused by unnecessary product moves were minimized. The simplified design also allows easy access to all mechanical components. All components are off-the-shelf, supporting a quick turnaround when needed.
Invest in a commercial food dryer built to last. Thanks to the Jr. Dryer’s isolation system, the centrifugal shock load is absorbed, helping the machinery operate smoothly without causing unnecessary wear and tear. With a Jr. Dryer, you notice an improved performance right away.

Construction Features

Stainless Steel construction, the Jr. Dryer, commercial food dryer, is durable for even the toughest work environments. Stainless steel motor, gas assist shocks, and hermetically sealed non-contact safety interlock switches are standard components.

50 lb. Capacity per load

Dryer Baskets

20 Gallon Dryer Baskets: (prices subject to change.)

  • 1/8” Holes – $104.50
  • 3/16” Holes – $104.50
  • 1/4” Holes – $104.50
  • 5/16” Holes – $104.50
  • 3/8” Holes – $127.50
  • 5/8” – $127.50
  • 3/4” Holes – $127.50

Our Dryer baskets work in all brands of spin dryers, available in white, grey, yellow, red, blue, back, orange and green.

Contact us to discuss the commercial food dryer’s special feature. Our firm in Burley, Idaho, proudly equips processing facilities in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

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