3 Level Processing / Trim Lines

Custom Build to Fit Your Needs.

Processing Lines

  • Rotary Pre-Wash at the infeed side of the system or final wash at the end of the system.
  • Each station on each side has the option of cutting boards, coring tubes, waste chutes and scales.
  • Each station can be set up to have its’ own rinse station controlled by the operator with a manual valve or foot pedal.
  • Top take away conveyor can be inclined at the discharge end for feeding cutters or wash system. The bottom conveyor can also be inclined at the discharge end to feed into a separate waste conveyor for a waste removal system or to feed into a tote.
  • Available with or without work platforms.

Dual Coring Cutting Board

These cutting boards can be flipped in place with coring tubes on each side. Dual purpose coring tubes can be setup to have one size of core tube on one side of the cutting board and another size on the other side. For example; lettuce core tube on one side and when flipped a cabbage coring tube on the opposite side.

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3 Level Processing / Trim Lines pdf.