This Wash System Will Wash Virtually All Leafy Products!

 The Jet Destoner is designed to wash and remove stones and sand from leafy product.  The product is placed into the washer. Spray jets force the produce froward and down into the water.  A hydrosieve filter removes unwanted particles from the circulating water.

  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Stainless Steel Circulation Pump
  • Hydrosieve Water Filtration System
  • 6″ Adjustable Legs for Easy Leveling of System
  • FDA Approved Polyethylene Plastic Belting
  • Stainless Steel Motor on Conveyor and Pump
  • Optional Triple Air Knife Drying System

Available with Flighted PE White, Blue Plastic or Blue Mesh Belting.

Optional Bug Removal Reels.

Filters Particles out 1/32″ and Larger

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Jetted Flume Wash pdf